Monday, May 23, 2005

wake up late and what do you get?

...Another day older and deeper in debt? Well, that too, but mostly, no time to take any knitting photos. As PC can attest to, I did KNIT this weekend, and last night around 9p.m. I realized I have to frog back about 5 inches! I am happy to say that it was a designer error,but sad b/c I am the designer. I don't think Plymouth Turino Silk will frog that well, but hopefully some well placed blocking at the end will help. As the sweater stands right now, it's 4 inches too small across the chest. 4 freakin' inches. Think I would have noticed this earlier than 5 inches ago? *sigh* well, I will frog it tonight. :( But, I'd rather have it fit than be finished.

Other news: we saw the New Regulars on Saturday night at Lizard Lounge in Cambridge. Once again, fantastic performances by all who were there. Side note to Chris: sorry we had to leave a little early, I was exhausted and was the one driving! So, we are going to try to get to the next show on Thursday- Sky Bar in Somerville. :)

Saturday was the day from camping hell. I love camping, but I hate (and PC audibly hates) the "prep work" before the first trip. We got the tent up and aired out before the rain on Saturday (we got it down about 10 minutes before it rained) and the tent now smells better. :) We got all the mouse poop off everything. And I washed all the utensils, plates, cups, etc. We de-gunked the portable grill, sorted through stuff we needed to toss and stuff we needed to keep. All-in-all, a LONG morning. PC was amazed that we got so much done before noon. I have to say, I was a little surprised myself. So, then we hit Walmart hell. Long lines, too many people. All we needed was a few things for the camp box (new pots-ours were toxic-, batteries, fire starter, WD-40, etc) and $107 later, we left Walmart. I have to say, it was the batteries that killed us. $5 a pack and we needed like 8 packs. (radio, flashlights, lantern...)We were rewarded from Walmart hell with a little coffee and that seemed to help.

Before we hit the Walmart on Saturday, I had to swing by my LYS to talk to the owner. Now, I KNOW needles aren't returnable. EVER. But, when I pay $15 for Addi Turbos, US #9... and bring home some cheap imitation needles that refuse to uncoil and are US#10, I have a problem. Especially b/c they were IN the Addi package. Turns out the LYS was the victim of a switcharoo. An employee took back some circulars from a customer. Owner had had problems with said customer before about returning things (like hanks that were completely snarled and half-wound into balls). And I got the needles this person returned after taking the Addis OUT of the package and replacing with a cheaper pair. At least the owner swapped them out for me. She's very great like that!

Well, I will take some photos tonight... added about an inch to the Champlain socks, but not much more.
Happy Knitting Monday!

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