Wednesday, May 11, 2005

blueberry sweater

sharon sweater
Apologies!!!! I know, I have been a bad blogger, but it's for a good reason- I have a new JOB! Wait, nope... this isn't just a's a CAREER! Not many people get their dream jobs, but I did. I get to be all science-y and geeky and have fun! Love the new boss (es) and the work and the hours... oh, am I gushing?

So, for an update: PC is doing well... and buggin' me to update my blog. :) I love that he's my biggest fan. I also have some GREAT news for you all... I HAVE PICTURES! Yes, you will actually be able to SEE what I have been knitting. :)

So, the Blueberry sweater has been knit, seamed, zipped (12 separate attempts to install a zipper and it's still not perfect, but she loves it and well... that's what counts!) and wrapped.

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