Wednesday, May 18, 2005

wishin' and hopin'....

Have you ever just wanted to list everything knitting-quilting-fibery that you want? Just put it down somewhere? I know that and other places let you say "i want this" on these long lists, but this is different. I want to be able to have a project for these things. I want to be good enough to merit having these things in my possession and not making some God-awful garter stitch scarf b/c I am afraid to do anything else with it. Does this make sense to anyone else? I was over at Norma's (blog stalking her, of course! who doesn't love norma?) and noticed her HAUL from NH Sheep and Wool. Am totally jealous. I live 1 hour from the fairgrounds, but with the threat of rain, a long week last week and a very patient PC (who can't be left in the car for a WHOLE yarn festival, but only for a LYS visit)- my attendance was not to be. So, I am making a list of thing I lust over:
Origami Bag from Lantern Moon:
Bamboo yarn from Southwest Trading Company
Ebony needles for socks
the ENTIRE cherry tree hill line of sock yarns
a HUGE quilting frame (and a house to put it in)
God, this list could go forever... well, I'll stop now. I just keep staring at certain fibers in the LYS and just KNOW that if I actually bought it, I would probably be afraid to knit with it. the $50/50 yds of cashmere I saw on Newbury Street in Boston- I would pet it, not knit it. Well, maybe if I learned how to make gloves...
have a knitting day!
Tomorrow night, check out the NEW REGULARS They will be at the Sky bar in Somerville. Saturday night they will be at Lizard Lounge in Cambridge on Mass Ave. PC gave me this info, so double check at the website for the band. Am listening to them in my lab right now... am getting the whole place addicted to them (Chris,you might need to copy more CDs!)

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