Thursday, May 12, 2005

Choices, choices, choices

So, I was completely blown away a few days ago when PC said "I want you to make me a sweater". What?!? This, the guy who has "dress t-shirts" wants me to MAKE him a sweater? Wow... I feel honored because it usually has to be Thanksgiving for him to actually WEAR a sweater, and then, it is removed right after dinner. Now, I LOVE PC, but he is very laid-back and well, he doesn't see the point in "fussy" dressing. If we are going out someplace special, he dons dress pants, nice shirt and a great tie...and I have to tell you, PC looks damn good when we head out for a night on the town. But, kicking back, hanging with friends? Jeans. T-shirt. Sweatshirt (if below 50 degrees). Not a sweater. So, this was going to take some thought and patience. Hmm... he is a "not itchy" kind of person, so that threw wool right out the window. Also, if it can't be tossed into the wash with the pre-requisite jeans and t's, well then just forget it! So, I bought this:
black yarn

Pretty nice huh? Cotton Ease in "Licorice." He agreed that it was soft, and I like that it's washable. So, now patterns. I found the greatest place yesterday on my way home from work. Wild and Wooly in Lexington Center. It's great! Staff was helpful and they helped me find a pattern. And they have a "yarn nazi"-- she won't let you buy more stash until you finish a project. It's not for everyone, just people who tell her "keep me from stashing." I have to say, while I love my local LYS, this place is so much better. They even carry Lorna's Laces, a brand I have been dying to try, but the superwash sock yarn was all picked over... they had people waiting for the shop to open the day the stock arrived! Yikes! So, I chose two patterns for PC to pick:
Number 1 (the red v-neck)
pattern 2
Number 2
pattern 1

Email me or drop a comment to help vote. Ultimately, PC has the final say, but it would be interesting to see what everyone else thinks!
Now, what about "me knitting"? Hmm, well I started the Lion Brand Incredible tank pattern from this month's Cast On.(it's # 26) I like it. I am not using the recommended colorway, but I like mine better. Also, because I am "full" figured, I had to add a little length and more inches across the boobs. :)
incredible 2
turns into this
incredible knitfairly quickly.

Oh, and this is for CHRIS (one of the New Regulars), yes, I am updating my blog, slowly, but surely. Let's make a deal, I'll keep updating and you guys play another gig! No, really, the CD is a permanent fixture in the car. For all of you who don't know them, check out the link on this site and listen to the free downloads. They rock. :) Oh, and I don't mind if you blog-stalk me (yes, he told me).
Well, happy Thursday to y'all...

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