Friday, May 20, 2005

No Knitting Photos

Sorry to everyone who was hoping to see Silk Sweater or Cherry Tree Hill Sock progress... long chat with PC last night after yummy burgers at Fuddruckers. (you have to LOVE Fudd's) So, no new knitting accomplished. A side note about why I love PC so damn much... he makes me sane. Before we met, I had gone through the "wild child phase" (out all night--cruisin' bars), the "doormat phase" (letting my 'friends' walk all over me b/c I didn't want to be lonely), the "he's nice enough phase" (keep dating a guy b/c I, honestly, didn't have anything better to do), and the "poor me phase" (when all my friends were getting married, moving in together, starting families and I sat at home and cried). Now, I am in the "Mini is a real person with real feelings, goals, dreams and someone in her life who is helping her achieve them" phase (a long phase-name, but pretty accurate). He loves me. I still can't believe it sometimes (not that he lies, but that someone THIS good would love ME). So, yes, he loves me. all the time. He may not LIKE me all the time (frustrating conversations he needs to have with me 4-5 times b/c I can't get my self esteem up fast enough to keep up with our relationship), but he loves me.

It amazes me how much stuff I have started: 2 socks, 3 sweaters, and I just downloaded Clapotis? What's wrong with me? I will be finishing the silk sweater this weekend b/c well, I want to wear it next week and it's gonna be rainy and crappy, so instead of airing out the tent for next week's camping trip, I'll be knitting... and cleaning. So, we are off to go camping next weekend at our FAVORITE little family run campground: Thousand Acres. And we haven't even LOOKED at the camp stuff since last October? Yuck. With the storage facility having had a MOUSE problem this winter... double YUCK. Hopefully no mouse-y friends will accompany the camp stuff to one of the houses. ( I have been paid to kill laboratory mice before, but the little wild ones? ewwww...)The Cherry Tree Hill socks need to go camping (as a project for the weekend)--- the "clown-y" socks (look down a few posts) will be going for nighttime warmth and so that PC doesn't scream in the middle of the night when my ice cold piggies wander over to his side.

So, I will leave you photos of some of the places PC and I have been the past few weeks... I love taking my camera and he's patient about the photos, as long as he's not in them.

Arnold Arboretum (Jamaica Plain, MA)
Arnold Arboretum
Boston Common (I used to sit here and wait for PC after work, when I was still working in town... I miss that, alot)
Boston Common
Halibut Point in Rockport, MA
*this is the quarry pond--- beyond that, is the Atlantic Ocean
this place DEFINITELY deserves a 2nd hike.
Halibut Point
Harvard Square (yes, this is there... you have to look for it... and look in the 'real' Harvard for it!) while you are there, check out Harvard Univ Museum of Natural History
Harvard Square

No more posts until Monday- will try to get some knitterly pics. :)
Happy Knitting Weekend!

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  1. Hello! Yes, I lived on Meridian St. in Melrose, MA, for 17 years till last July. There are a lot of good things about it (the Orange Line among them) but I was tired of suburban life, had an empty nest filled with memories of a doomed but decent marriage, and we had already done the house over once, I couldn't face it again and it needed almost as much paint as it did when we moved in.

    I am glad you have PC and he is lucky to have you, I strongly suspect.