Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ten on Tuesday list....

10 things on my to do list:
1. Buy a Christmas tree. We are supposed to do this tonight, but PC's still under the weather (and he's the one who hauls it in, let's be honest, so I'm at his mercy).

2. Decorate said tree. (and thanks to lovely Kim, my Christmas tradition is not ruined...more on that later!)
3. Finish brother's slipper socks.... I need to finish sewing the soles on, but I'm at an impasse... PC tried them on and didn't love how they feel. I might need to rip and reknit this weekend.
4. Create & plan a holiday dinner for 10, including 1 vegetarian who has crossed the "pond" for the holidays (PC's sister), and I don't want to feed her just side dishes. (I've been told by other vegetarians it's rude to just assume they'll just eat extra veggies)
5. address & send holiday cards... all 30 of them. This might be a job for tonight. I have to make up the sheet of address labels for our return address (makes my life easier!).
6. wrap gifts... somethings are getting out of control and I need to start wrapping so I know what I have!
7. go to the Container store to get small boxes and large boxes for kids gifts... I love what we bought, but I don't love that they didn't come with boxes. and kids need to rip wrapping paper, not open a bag.
8. make sure Santa is feeling okay--- we may need a 2nd run to CVS for cough drops, etc.
9. make fudge... I need to do this tonight too. It needs to set for 2 days and I have some co-workers who have been discussing this fudge since September. Including one boss who is reminding me that she's leaving for Ireland this weekend and fudge needs to be consumed pre-take off. :)
10. Finish knitting my quiviot cowl: PC and I have a deal: I'll finish my cowl by Christmas eve, he'll start his beer.


  1. That's an extensive list. Hope PC feels better soon.

  2. Wow - hey PC feeling any better?

    We finally go the tree up and decorated yesterday. :o)