Saturday, April 13, 2013

Saturday Sighting

I have been working ( slowly, its my out-and-about knitting)  on the Easy Drop stitch scarf for a week now. Its an 8 row repeat and its coming along. My friend, Jen , was knitting one in a variegated colorway and i fell in love. I had seen hundreds of these scarves, but hers inspired me.

The yarn is Cherry Tree Hill, dk weight. The colors are part of their "potluck"  series, where you get whatever they threw together,  no recipe, no matching. I have just enough for a good long scarf. Needles are US 5, 3.76mm.

Today, the scarf and I are headed west on the Mass Pike to grab a beer and a burger. PC is driving so i can knit. (And i think he likes my Subaru sporty engine on the highway


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  1. That's been in my queue forever. Must do it.