Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Durgin Park

You want to know a good time? Meet the following people for dinner at Durgin Park (in Quincy Market):

Carole (& Dale)

I don't think I forget anyone! We all met (via Sandy) for dinner to celebrate Norma's visit to the "flatlands" of Massachusetts and Sandy's "staycation." A yummy dinner at a very traditional New England restaurant (that in 30.5 years in Boston, I had never eaten at!) and some great conversation. I wish I could have joined them for Shakespeare on the Common, but I had some things to get done at home. And, I totally forgot my camera. *doh*

Knitting photos for tomorrow--- Abby -Cadabby is coming along nicely. She went through a stage of "ohmygodthatisthecreepiestclownlookingfaceihaveeverseen." She's over that now. She looks like Abby-Cadabby now. I think.

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