Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Remember this Post?

You all remember when I had my "incident" with a cyclist a few weeks back? Well, today on the "green blog" via the Boston Globe, I saw this article and HAD to comment. If you read the comments, I am "minisoup" and I am not alone!!!! (please read!!!)

My idea: Cycling Licenses. If I need a license to drive, you need one to 'ride'.

Best Quote:

"We're out there obeying the rules, getting exercise, and saving gasoline. We've ridden in charity rides that benefit cancer, mental retardation, poor children, multiple sclerosis, and myriad other causes."

How on earth does participating in charitable bike rides factor into one's ability to obey laws?

I have to say.... I am so disappointed with the author of this blog.

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