Monday, August 04, 2008

Money, money, money

So, I wouldn't say "money problems" but more money concerns have been a topic of conversation in our house lately. And while we can always pay our bills , with a wee bit for fun and adventure, and we have less than a couple hundred on the credit card bills... sometimes it gets tight. Or ... at least tight enough that we say "hmm... where did our money go???"

Great people that you all are... I thought I'd ask for some advice. Trimming the fat, so-to-speak, without losing a lifestyle... is it worth it?

My ideas:
1. cut grocery bill. We have started doing this by going with a list, shopping BJs and Russo's (cheapest produce in MA, I swear) and Trader Joe's (yes, for whole wheat pasta and some non-traditional "staples" (quinoa, couscous, better'n'butter) it's cheaper)

Q: what about a meat CSA?? Have you done this? One of the ones I am interested in is 10lbs for $70/month, with a 6 month committment. Would 10lbs last 2 people a whole month?

2. no more home phone service. :( We use our cell phones almost exclusively, but our internet is bundled with our phone (our house can't support digital cable-- -something about wires), so this will be tricky, but doable. I hope.

3. switching banks (i am doing this!) to one with better online, who do you like better??

A) citizen's bank
B) sovereign bank
C) alternative... suggest one!

So... there you have it. Not really money woes, but money thoughts. (Please don't think we're broke or need anything, we really don't--- it's just time to be adults and think about money in a smarter way!)


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