Friday, October 17, 2008

Almost home.....

We are probably halfway up the East Coast by now... heading home today. I hope you have enjoyed the charitable knitting info I have been giving you. In case you have no time to knit this year, but need to clean out your stash? Here's a charity for you:

Health Care for the Homeless Medical Respite Unit
Homeless women and men at a residential medical respite unit find that crocheting and knitting help with their emotional stress, and create opportunities for socialization and companionship. It also affords those who are mothers to be able to give something handmade to their children. There is always need for yarn (wool, non-wool, partial or full skeins), crochet hooks (esp. sizes 5 - 6), knitting needles, basic knitting or crocheting books. Other arts and crafts items are also welcome Please call first.

Volunteer Coordinator
Boston Health Care for the Homeless
729 Massachusetts Avenue
Boston, MA 02118
(617) 414-7779

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