Wednesday, October 01, 2008


(crappy Palm Centro shot)

Pattern: Branching Out (Knitty)
Yarn: Frog Tree Merino, Purple, 2 skeins
Needle: US 8 20 inch circular nylon
Dimensions: 60 inches long, 6 inches wide
Comments: LOVE It! I am thinking of making a few more of these. :) This pattern was easy to memorize and the scarf flew along. I think they'd make excellent gifts. I am not planning to knit for the holidays, but some friends will most likely receive a few handknits. Small things. Mittens. Scarves. In fact, this might be the perfect color on my aunt.

QUESTION: I am using some of those puzzle-mats as my blocking surface. They are new and they stink of petroleum. Anyone had this problem? Am I going to have to bite the bullet and buy the knitter-specific ones? The ones that advertise in VK and IK? Do they stink too???

And, this is one bored cat. Bored b/c someone was busy rushing around taking photos and brushing teeth (slept in today!-- horrible muscle cramp in the middle of the night-- 3:40a.m. screaming and crying in pain... still hobbling around this morning) to pay attention to a kitty who wants to be carried.

This is funny because when we first got her, Pumpkin hated being picked up. Now, she will head-butt me until I pick her up.

On a side note: doctors-nurses-anyone: how to prevent muscle cramps in the legs? I get them something awful and my screaming and crying can wake up the neighborhood if I am not careful. I know PC jumps up and into action. My dad always said "stand on it!!" (this has been a problem since childhood) and while that works eventually, I have fallen more than once doing this.

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