Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It's another FO!

Pattern: simple 56 st top-down heel flap sock. Reduced stitch count to 52 for the foot. ( I have fat calves).
Yarn: Lana Grassa Meilenweit 6FachSpecial; #8844, lot 26826
Needles: US 2 rosewood dpns
Thoughts: well, I have a whole bunch of the yarn left over. But, I am very happy that my socks are pretty much twins. :)

(ignore pasty white legs the same color as the wall)

Action Shot!
Photographs are courtesy of the lovely PC.

Speaking of PC, I had the unique opportunity to watch PC in a sport tonight. I know! PC curls at the local curling club, Broomstones, and I watched a game tonight. It involves a 'stone' (42 lbs of granite) and 'brooms' (used to smooth the ice so the stone can go faster and longer) and targets. It's a wee bit like bocci ball, but the target doesn't move. :) It was fun and I can see the draw to this kind of game... it is uber-social and very gentlemanly. Everyone was really really nice and I had (besides PC) a personal tutor courtesy of a very patient curler who was waiting for his game to start. And, ladies? If you have a partner who curls... 2 hours of great knitting time near a BAR. With beer. :)

So, when you leave a comment--- don't forget to tell PC "Good Curling!" (It's the equivalent of "happy knitting!" to the non-fiber peeps)!

More FOs this week and a guest-post from Pumpkin. She's been trying to hack into the blog again (changed the password) and I think it's just better to let her say what she needs to say and maybe she'll give me back my knitting needles. :)

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