Tuesday, March 10, 2009

You People Must Hate Me

(Cute cat photo to distract you)

And by you people, I mean you. And you. Oh, and you , over there... yes. You!

It's been weeks since i posted. Weeks.


I've been knitting. Alot. I've been job-hunting, which takes a surprisingly large amount of your time. And I've been working out. Some of you saw me at SPA and said hi... and hi right back at'cha.

Working out. Good lord, I have a young, somewhat cute, young trainer named Diego. He's a sweet kid (and truly, he's a kid) who seems to have figured out new and unusual ways to torture me. But, he makes it hurt so good, y'know. I've worked out with a trainer before and loved it. And if I could still afford my old gym, I'd be right there with my old trainer.... kickboxing and loving it. But, the trade off is : new gym is less $/month, more $ for trainers and exactly 200ft from the casa de Mini y PC. So, I go there now. Daily. I know! Me, the chunky, funny girl has been.... RUNNING ON A TREADMILL. I feel very "Biggest Loser" when I am in there--- fat people all huffin' and puffin' on the treadmill and then doing squat thrusts... yeah, I do squats. But, most of all... I feel great when I walk out. Head held high. Thighs quakin', knees shakin'... but I am doing it.

So, 60 minute daily work outs + weight watchers online. Dude, I will be svelte by the Sept wedding PC and I have.

Knitting. Island Yarns in Waltham is having a HUGE buy 1, get 1 50% off sale! I have a gift card there ... oh, the damage. :)

Okay, so I have to find the ball band for this yarn. It's called "calypso" or something like that. I got it at Island Yarn... it's got an insane amount of yardage (400 + yds) and it's a wool/acrylic single that is super soft. The color changes are amazing. I would guess in total, this is about 8 hours of knitting.

Super Free Pattern (from me):

Cast on 36 stitches
Row 1-3:* k6, p6* (repeat from * to *)
Row 4: *cable 6, p6* (repeat from * to *)
Row 5-8: * k6, p6* (repeat from * to *)
Row 9: *cable 6, p6* (repeat from * to *)

Knit until you run out of yarn.

Cable 6: slip 3 stitches to cable needle, hold in back, k3 from LH needle, k3 from cable needle.

:) mini

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