Saturday, April 04, 2009

Brand New Day! And a CONTEST

Well, the pneumonia/bronchitis combo has apparently left the building. Can we say double yuck? The Z-pack the doc gave me left me waking up this morning feeling FANTASTIC. So fantastic that I have the windows open, the mp3 player hooked up to the stereo and I am pajama-dancin'! C'mon, you know that you do it.

An email from my old college roomie got me thinking about the pajama dance parties we used to have in our townhouse. Just the 3 other girls I lived with, with the stereo blaring something really cheesy and easy to dance to... bustin' a move in our pjs in the living room. Now, those of you who really know me (ahem: Sylvie?), know that I love to dance, dance, dance. Especially to super-cheese-alicious music. So, this morning was dedicated to updating the mp3 playlists for the gym (heading back on Monday).... here are a few gems I downloaded today...

Miami (Will Smith)
My Little Girl (Tim McGraw)
Everything (Michael Buble)--- this makes me think of PC
Apple Bottom Jeans (T-Pain)
Corinne Bailey Ray

Eclectic, no? Well, that's me... I am like a schizophrenic music listener. I love Metallica (enter Sandman gives me energy), soft rock, love country, and can get jiggy w/ ultra cheeseman Will Smith (must be the ears).

Now, here's a CONTEST. Send me (in the comments) a song that you think I MUST have on my mp3 player for bustin' a move, running at the gym... whatever. If I listen to it and love it, I'll send you something. Don't forget to provide me someway to find you. :) Remember, I love angry girl music, country, rockabilly, punk, etc... but here's what I don't like: screaming. If it's just screaming, I won't listen (sorry). So, good friends: wow me. Show me what I am missing!
Tomorrow, some FOs to show off... for now, enjoy the music. (all links are to

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