Monday, September 21, 2009

Last Day of Summer

A moment of reflection on the last day of summer. We didn't really have a summer here at chez Mini y PC. Sure, we went to Niagara Falls for a few days, and we bought a BBQ grill, but honestly, we usually do so much more in the summer. Those who know us know: that was a sure sign on financial unrest in this house. And, I think it really took a toll on me. More than I can explain.

I didn't get to sleep under the stars, warmed from the campfire and super chilly in the cool mountain air in the morning. Didn't get to see the wisps of morning being chased off the lake and hear the loon mamas calling for their kids to hurry up. No bad coffee (b/c when you are camping, any coffee is good coffee) and trips to Echo Lake, to float in the middle, staring up at the sky.

My blood pressure visibly decreases when we cross the border into NH. It's 'home' in so many ways to me: it's where I spent every summer as a child. It's where I went to college, had my first real boyfriend, and found my voice as an adult. It's where I chose to spend my vacations and where I want to retire.

PC... next year, let's promise, ok? Let's promise to camp more than we've ever camped before. Let's promise to work hard now and spend as much time, sitting on that great rock, laughing and not catching fish, swimming in Echo Lake and kissing under the star-filled sky.

Knitting: working on a 2nd sock to PC's first socks. Should be there soon enough.

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