Friday, September 04, 2009

On the line...

I have been knitting. I've been knitting up a storm, actually. In between it all, I have managed to fit in a trip to the annual JCA sale (see Erika's blog for a photo of my haul), a trip to WoolPak and getting ready for my new job. :)

First up, one of 2 sweaters for my cousin Sue's twins. She's due in late October/early November (who knows with twins!) and these wee ones will need something to keep them warm. (don't worry Sue, O will be getting a new sweater too!)

Twin A will be sporting purple :

Twin B will have pink ( I have 3 rounds and a bind off to do, but I have to go to the gym, you get a 'twin shot' tomorrow). The sweater is a "Designs by Jeannine" pattern from the Wool Pak. Both sweaters are knit in Berroco Comfort DK on US 3 and 5 needles. Easy pattern, great little sweater-- you 'upsize' it by increasing the yarn weight and needles.

Another set of twins around here is PC's feet. They are GINORMOUS. My PC had freakishly large skinny feet. :) Like all men, I suppose. His first "curling" sock is done, waiting on a twin. The twin is being cast on tonight, I hope. Now that I have his 'recipe' down, the 2nd sock will fly along.

Would a beret by any other name be so sweet? The Leaf and Vine beret from Vogue Knitting Fall 2009; a gift for my aunt in Pennsylvania. She'll love the soft RYC Cashsoft and of course, the blue. Last year, I sent her a blue cowl for Christmas and she LOVED it. This year, I am adding to her blue ensemble with a beret.... a slouchy one at that. :) I am going to re-knit this pattern as I loved it and I want one for me... in a more 'mini' color and a smaller size.

And, the big project: Shalom cardigan for my friend Sylvie. She's a great best friend/sister and this is her birthday present. We have the same October 9 birthday and this sweater will look great on her. She's a very chic Frenchwoman and will love the silk/alpaca/wool of this vest. It's knit from 8 skeins of Mirasol Sulka. I have to say, knitting with the yarn was to.die.for. It shed, yes, but it was totally worth it. Island Yarn has a bunch of colors, just sayin'.

This was today's photoshoot location.... my back porch. It's been super nice to sit on the porch and read the paper, etc each morning. I'm looking forward to autumn!

A BIG first today: first time dropping off the laundry! Since our dryer is still D.O.A downstairs, we've all had to do the laundrymat thing. Since I wasn't working, it was no big deal, 1.5 hours of my life, $12 and I had my laundry done. Now that I'll be working, we are dropping it off. Neither of us wants to spend our evenings in the laundrymat and we can afford it, so why not, right?

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