Friday, August 21, 2009

I have knitting....

and a dead camera battery. *sigh*

Instead, I will tell you about the super-secret, oh-wow! experience I had yesterday with PC. PC took me to a place that I had never even heard about... the Bodega.

If you are like PC and into sneakers (PC is a sneaker-ho... he loves sneakers, all kinds, all brands... it's an endearing quality that he lusts after a pair of black and green Jordan's like a 15 year old boy on his first date)--- you must get to the Bodega.

Good luck finding it.

I will say, it's in BackBay, it's cleverly hidden and I'm very glad I didn't go alone. They have taken a typical 'corner store' storefront and used it cleverly hide a shop--- inside the store! You walk into what looks like it could be a crackden, go directly past the scary looking guys sitting at the folding table (playing on a laptop) and through what seems to be a wall. Trust is everything at this point. Welcome to the Bodega.

No sneakers followed us home, but a t-shirt did. It's rockin'!

Off to Portland Maine today with my PC... it's all about the Downeaster train ride and less about Maine.

Will blog again tomorrow... with a photo of my Shalom cardigan in progress and some cool stitch markers. :)

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