Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Since the acceptance letter is printed, signed and on its way to the employer, I can give up some info about the job. I do try to keep some anonymity on the blog, as I believe separating work from home is a little like separating church from state: required for the sanctity of both.

So, I will no longer be a scientista as of early September. I'm leaving the comfort zone of my favored field of work: lab science. I was a good scientist, not a great one. I knew/know a lot of about a lot of different subjects within my field, but I wasn't going to cure cancer anytime soon. Nor was I going to get much 'higher' on the totem pole without the PhD after my name. Before this, I got 'up' by using my talents and my ability to negotiate. After the layoff, it was 'where from here?'

I applied to a position I never thought in a million years I would hear back from. I had made a deal with myself in the beginning: try for the 'big career change' job for 3 months, then you are banking on 10 years of good lab expertise and trying to get paid. Sounds reasonable, no? Friends, PC --- all were very helpful. I tried everything and heard back from one position that I was candidate #2 for. Oh, I was pissed. I thought I had that one nailed.

So, back to this job. I thought it was interesting. I was intrigued... but I never thought they'd call back. I spent 3 days crafting my resume and cover letter. I sent them off and promptly forgot about it. Fast forward a few weeks: a phone call. They want to talk to me! Over the phone... Ah, they are weeding out the 'duds'. I pass the phone call! I go in for interview #1.... wow! I really want this job! I wait... get project assigned and date for interview #2! Work on project for a full week... research, write, re-write, evaluate, change, change back, more research... and then the interview. I am prepared. Confident. 4 interviewers later...and 3 hours... a trip to lunch with VP and HR. Small talk, order meals... .make offer. Ask for weekend, knowing I will accept, but need time to do private happy dance. So, I am a scientific conference content producer. I'm not sure my actual title yet, but that's a close guess.

A good knitting friend hooked me up with one of her friends for an informational interview for this new field. It was such an amazing advantage. This was something I did throughout my search, I networked not only for jobs, but for information: about companies, positions, roles... and it helped.

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