Sunday, August 09, 2009

Baby Knitting....

So, my friend Lisa decided to have a baby. In North Carolina. I guess this is acceptable b/c well... she lives there with her hubby. They own a house, two cars and two wee kittens, so I guess it was way more practical for me to go to her. So off I went on a Boston-Raleigh flight last weekend for a baby shower. Now, most of you know that I would pretty much do anything for my friends, but I really never thought I'd fly 2 hours for a baby shower. Drive 2 hours? Sure! But fly?

And, this is no ordinary friend. This friend and her hubster have an unusual pedigree: she's 1/2 Jewish and Cuban, he's Indian. A beautiful baby will be arriving soon, but c'mon: this kid is NOT going to do well in pastels. You know, I know.... they know. So, I made the wee-one-to-be a quilt... full of reds, sages, and buttery yellows....

And matching bumpers.

And a sweater.

And I iron-on'd (is this a word??) some cute decals to some onesies.

Moving on... I'm working on a baby sweater and 2 pair of socks, one for me, one for PC.

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