Friday, October 16, 2009

Contest, but no Rhinebeck.

After a careful 3 way emailing scheme, it was decided: too rainy-cold-damp to go to Rhinebeck. Now, this wouldn't normally be an issue, but a week of feeling 'eh' and a long week at work, being cold and wet is just not worth the yarn shopping. It's a bit sad b/c Erika was really ready to go. But, Erika, there will be a bed at the Hampton Inn with your name on it next year, I pinky-swear. And, I'll see what I can do about going up on the Friday. :) But, Amy, Erika and I did not say "well, we'll stay home and watch it rain." No! Hi, ho, it's off to WEBS we go! It's such a great shop and 100% Amy's suggestion, so we're packing up and heading out Saturday a.m. We'll go to Webs and Northhampton Wools. Oh, and since Erika's a vegetarian (A very flexible vegetarian: she can find meatless food anywhere! and that can be tough in Mass!), we haven't told her we are taking her to vegetarian heaven: northhampton. So, tell me your fave restaurant in Northhampton and if we eat there tomorrow (must be open for lunch), the girls and I will send you a little something for your troubles! Entries end at 11:30a.m. Saturday.

Note: I will be calling the Hampton Inn and booking for next year though, have no worries.

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