Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Stream of Conscience

  • I woke up w/ a headache, stuffed ears and the sniffles
  • PC gave me a birthday present last night: owl pajamas!!!
  • I'm wearing them now
  • The milk turned
  • I found out the hard way
  • Must.find. breakfast.alternative.
  • Hotel for Rhinebeck is booked.
  • Amy and Erika are my companions for the trip.... look for a midget flanked by two tall women.
  • I don't think my sweater will be done.
  • We're staying in Poughkeepsie
  • I'm not planning on buying yarn
That last bit is a shock, right? I might pick up a skein or two, but I'm not going to shop. Nope, I'm going to visit. :) Also, my yarn 'habit' is a bit on the obscene side right now and I'm feeling awkward about it. Several me-knitting projects and a refusal to knit for Christmas this year will probably help. My FO basket is getting full.

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