Tuesday, May 04, 2010

10 on Tuesday

The topic this week is 10 People You’d Like To Interview. (taken from Carole)

1. President Obama: I'd like to know when he's going to stop running for office and get some stuff done.
2. Elizabeth Dole: this one shouldn't shock anyone. She's been an idol of mine for a long time.
3. the Pope: as a Catholic, I have some questions about being faithful vs. being devout. I'd like to have an honest talk about my role in the Catholic faith as a woman.
4. Anyone who worked at Ellis Island from 1892-1930: what did they see? Who did they meet?
5. Sigmund Freud: I have a few questions about his mother...
6. Suze Orman: wouldn't it be great to peek at her checkbook? See if it's really balanced?
7. Rosalind Franklin: her opinion on women in science and professional credit in peer-reviewed publication would be of significant discussion
8. Henrietta Lacks: I wonder if she knows how many lives she has saved. And how significant her contribution to modern drug discovery has been.
9. Jamie Oliver: I'd like to talk about the locavore movement and what fresh foods can do for America... his opinion on how to create long term proclivity to fresh, natural foods would be interesting as well.
10. the White House gardener: for gardening tips, using organic mulches and pesticides, etc.... b/c we know Michelle Obama isn't out there squishing tomato bugs.

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  1. Elizabeth Dole was my commencement speaker, did I ever tell you that? She talked a lot about devoting a life to public service. I guess I took her to heart.