Tuesday, May 11, 2010

10 on Tuesday

10 on Tuesday... taken straight from Carole's blog. I love it when she provides me with blog fodder. :)

10 Places That Make You Happy:

1. My dining room. I love my table and chairs and how PC's big clock looks in our dining room. I have made a very strong effort to make this room cozy and inviting for friends and family to sit for hours, talking and laughing.

2. Lake Conway, NH. Especially early in the morning, when PC's fishing, I'm getting eggs and coffee ready. It's early, you can hear campers waking up, but mostly we can hear birds and the quiet sounds of the lake

3. Rand Pond, Goshen, NH. Where I spent my summers as a child. The early June light, at 5pm... bouncing off the water. Sounds of kids jumping in the pond, fisherman casting out... smell hot dogs cooking and campfires being lit.

4. The left side of the couch... snuggled with PC. It's "my side" of the couch.

5. My car. I know that isn't really a place, but I like driving (probably one of my favorite activities) and I like being in my car, listening to the radio (or not, sometimes silence is best) and just driving. I used to think nothing of popping into my car for a 2 hour drive to see a friend. Good thing PC is a road-tripper like me.

6. My kitchen. I like our kitchen, even more now with the big island. It's homey and usually smells good.

7. My parents' deck. I love their yard and wish we spent more time there.

8. Abbey Church at Saint Anselm College. My alma mater. I spent every Sunday evening for 4 years in that church. It's gorgeous and has a definite feeling of comfort. I don't think I've ever felt comfort like I did at that church. It's where I ran to the day my godmother died. It's where I prayed for faith when mine was tested. It's the place where I learned it's okay to have faith in my beliefs, but challenge the Church and it's ways. A priest at school once said "Kathleen, you can have faith in God, but still be wary of man."

9.Newfound Lake, NH. It's clean, the state park is amazing and i have happy memories there.

10. anywhere with PC (and Pumpkin).

has anyone noticed a theme here? I think it's time for a LONG overdue camping trip and for me to sit by some water. :)

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  1. Lots of lakes on your list - how awesome! It's almost camping weather.