Tuesday, September 28, 2010

10 on Tuesday

This week: 10 things in your fridge right now....

1. skim milk: the Organic Cow brand. I know, it's like $3.99  for a 1/2 gallon, but I have to drink 24 ounces a day, it's going to be tasty, organic, hormone-free.
2. chicken from the crock pot yesterday. I made a new-to-me recipe for chicken leg quarters in the crockpot (PC loved it)... and with the leftovers, I removed the skin and bones for easy lunch assembly this week.
3. chicken gravy. Low-carb chicken gravy (homemade) made from the crockpot chicken.
4. 1 sugar-free pudding (the other one is in my lunch bag)
5. 4 Samuel Adams beers. 
6. sabra hummus mini-cups. Get these at BJ's--- great portion control. 
7. 1 egg.... 2 went in my belly this morning for breakfast
8. Penzey's chicken stock "goop"--- this is indispensable. In fact, I am going to get the turkey and beef ones on my next trip.
9. sugar-free ice tea. I'm an iced-tea fanatic. This kind is peach.
10. there was roast beef with homemade gravy, onions & carrots... but I took it for lunch! FridgeBlue_V2.jpg


  1. I had leftover chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans but I took that for lunch! I love Penzey's, too. I was just saying to Dale yesterday that I want to go to the one in Arlington again.

  2. 1. Two gallons of 1% milk.
    2. Potato soup made from homemade chicken stock and no cream at all.
    3. Leftover ham from the weekend - delicious!
    4. Small serving of homemade peach cobbler for Neatnik's lunch tomorrow.
    5. Filtered water.
    6. Romaine lettuce.
    7. Nine eggs?
    8. Bread yeast. Lots of bread yeast.
    9. Apple juice - useful for making apple cinnamon oatmeal for Neatnik.
    10. Assorted other vegetables.