Tuesday, September 14, 2010

10 on Tuesday

10 Reasons to Watch Football.

Huh. This one is tough for me. I grew up watching football, attending football games, talking football... and I am a football widow. PC is a football lunatic, I mean, fanatic. I tend to not watch now, and instead I meet other football widows and knit.

1. Football is nice background noise. You can occasionally glance up and see what's been going on.
2. I like the linemen, screw those little little QB's and running backs... give me a center or safety any day.
3. Knitting. Need I say more? No one complains when you knit during football, because it means you aren't asking stupid questions.
4. I love watching the little ones play football. They look like helmets with feet.
5. I like watching the wee cheerleaders. I was a wee cheerleader (I was a cheerleader from age 7 to 18.... and team captain twice: in 8 th grade and senior year).
6. Little Chloe likes football now... she associates it with Uncle "PC" which I think is hysterical. Uncle "PC" has offered to teach her to throw a spiral.
7. Football watching means I make pot roast or some other all-day meal.
8. Football watching means I have the afternoon "off" to shop, knit, skip, sing....whatever I want, as long as i'm either a) quiet or b) out of the house.
9. PC's love of football is one of the reasons I love him. He's very passionate about it, but also knows it's not the world. I like a man who can see reality.
10. 12 straight hours of football for PC means he can't complain about me watching The Real Housewives or some other useless reality show that I am hooked on. :)


  1. I'm not a football widow so I don't have to watch or find things to do while Dale watches. Love your list!

  2. My husband isn't a huge football fan but he does like to flip channels when the game is on to see how the Pats are doing. It drives me crazy. Either watch or don't! I'll knit to whatever is on the TV.

  3. Happy football season!

  4. We both watch football. He cares more about the games and I care more about my fantasy team. This works out pretty well for both of us (otherwise, I would be pretty close to a football widow each season).

  5. Helmets with feet...love it!!!