Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ten On Tuesday

Today's Ten on Tuesday is : 10 ways to Lighten your Mood....

Hmm. this one could be tough, my mood's usually pretty darn light!

1. Put on lipstick. My Nana always told me if my hair was done and my lipstick on, it wasn't going to be a bad day. Today, I put on lipstain because I finally found a happy lipstick medium for me and PC... I get lipstick and he doesn't. And, yes, we kiss that much. :) 
2. Watch a cartoon. Any cartoon. I like some of the new ones, but my favorites are still on sometimes and they help.
3. giggle. Try it. Giggle a little and see if you feel happier, joyful, etc. I know I do!
4. Dance around. Sometimes I'm dancing to the music in my head, other times it's the tunes on the radio. Even if you can't dance: dance! 
5. Car-Dance. This is different than #4 b/c you do this in the car. Find a great station, roll down the windows and get your groove on. I was once car dancing in traffic (I do this a lot) and a man stuck in the opposite direction, rolled down his window as he approached me and told me that I made his day. He had never seen anyone so happy and if I could be dancing in traffic, then he could too!
6. Call a friend. I have good girlfriends who have hilarious kids, so I'll call them and say "tell me what Chloe/Remi/Jackson did today." 
7. Eat a popsicle. It's hard to be serious when you're trying to manage the licks and drips.
8. hug someone. 
9. play with a pet.
10. knit something. :) 

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  1. Loved your list! I can't believe I forgot to list playing with my dog. That always cheers me up if I'm sad!