Wednesday, August 04, 2010


I'm knitting Shalor for PC right now. He's been waiting 8 years, as of August 16,  for a sweater. Yup, on August 16, 2002, PC and I went on our first date. I'm not sure if I've told you all the story, but that might be a better story for our actual anniversary. And, it's  a good one. Complete with intrigue, mystery, danger and some romance.

Anyway... (I'm rivaling Carole for digressions today, no?). I'm knitting Shalor. It's a big sweater. Not in the sense that PC's some gargantuan sized male, but it's got a whole lot of cables, honeycomb and some serious seed stitch sections. And, one cable is a 4-row repeat, another is an 4-stitch/8 row repeat and the big cable is a 20 row repeat with 16, nothing matches up. *sigh*
And, it's a Penny Straker, so you know the pattern is flawless, but also: not.charted. Yup. I said it. Not charted.

4 pattern rows took me 2 hours on Monday night. I'm a fast knitter and 2 hours for 4 pattern rows should mean I am knitting a Guiness-record-breaking afghan on US 1 needles, but alas it's an aran sweater on US 6 with worsted weight.  So, a little sleuthing on Tuesday during my lunch break (and much whining to a friend via email), resulted in my new favorite toy:

Knit Chart

You need to have Java enabled, but it's a great program. I highly suggest it!

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