Monday, August 09, 2010

cutting back

2009/2010 has been a good year for us. I'm coming up on my one year anniversary at work and I expect a good review from the boss. I'm also realizing that I've been really lax about saving some money. We were very fortunate to have my severance and unemployment when I was out of work, but I took a huge hit in my savings trying to keep up with the Jones's this year. So, I'm cutting back. And, it's strange b/c some of the ways I am cutting back are going to seem a bit crazy, but stay with me and we'll see how it all goes:

1. yarn diet. I know, I've said it, but I've been really good. I'm knitting from stash (I have got really good yarn in there!) and making 80% of my holiday gifts this year. This may be making me persona non grata at my LYS, but since I spent a good chunk of money there over the years, I'm not letting guilt seep into my brain.
2. bringing lunch. We've been doing this for years, but now we're really cracking down on the grocery bill and working through the pantry before we shop.
3. "free" time: HBO, Starz.... we get them in our cable package and we're going to start using them.  Less movies out, more movies in... and the popcorn is cheaper too!
4. take out with taking out... diving into my cookbooks to find yummy dinner ideas that are take-out like, but without the $40 price tag. This week: asian stirfry wraps: broccoli, water chestnuts, zucchini and carrots with leftover chicken in a sugar free teriyaki sauce on low carb wraps: Yum!
5. clothing donations. Tax receipts and cleaning the closets? it's a wonderful thing!
6. saving, saving, saving. I'm now officially on a budget with "play money" included each week. I'm already a little stressed out about it, but I think the first big "clink" into the savings account will cure that.
7. library for e-books. Yup, i'll have to wait for them, but at least I'll have them for free!

I always have these moments of self-renewal around the start of school, not January 1.

For 2010/2011, I'm going to learn to invest some of my savings as well. All while knitting. :)

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  1. We use the library liberally around here!

    Also, take a peek at Project Gutenberg.