Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

The top ten reasons to love bacon? Hmmm... I like bacon, but I don't know if I love bacon. PC loves bacon. Anywho, here we go:

1. Bacon is best when crispy. Very crispy. It can be prepared in many ways from limp and rubbery (eww) to burnt.
2. It's salty, and eggs need salt no matter how they are prepared, so if you have bacon with your eggs, you don't need the salt shaker.
3. It adds a little "something" to ice cream. At this moment, there is a pint of maple-bacon gelato in my freezer.
4. Scallops love bacon. They've been known to fraternize with bacon and the results are amazing.
5. When you are camping and you want to conserve cooking gas, you can start a bacon-grease fire in the camp stove and turn off the gas. You can continue to cook your food for another 3-5 minutes, therefore conserving precious propane. (ask me how I know).
6. Bacon comes from pigs. Pigs are not very clean animals, but are very friendly and some varieties can be pets. So, bacon can be a pet.
7. Bacon can come from turkeys, too, so it can be "healthy" bacon.

Wow... I might actually have 10 things to like about bacon

8. Bacon can make any meal you have burned better. If you royally screw up the beef bourginon a la Julia Child, you can always make bacon and egg sandwiches, because who doesn't like a bacon'n'egg sandwich?
9. Bacon is a great bridge between two cultures.Canadian bacon is not really bacon, it's ham, but we still call it bacon to appease the Canadians.

and finally...
10. Bacon is tasty in a number of ways: in a sandwich, with eggs, addition to salad, etc.


  1. The bacon ice cream is a new one for me but I'd be willing to try it!

  2. Canadians don't call it Canadian Bacon either. It's Back Bacon (which it is) or Peameal Bacon if it's rolled in peameal before slicing. Only Americans call it Canadian Bacon, (and sometimes we wonder about you people...)

    Truly though, everything's better with bacon, except doughnuts. Tried it, didn't work.

  3. And both of those are distinct from bacon in Ireland, called rashers!