Tuesday, August 03, 2010

10 on Tuesday

10 Things To Bring on Vacation.... since I just got back, I will tell you what I brought :)

1. PC. Srsly, he carries stuff, he's a good driver, sings along to the radio, knows when I need to get an iced coffee... and he's not too shabby to look at.
2. my nook. I wouldn't have made it camping without it. I read 3 books on my nook while camping. That's 3 books I didn't have to haul with me. It went to the beach, the water, in the car... and did I mention I had my knitting pattern in there too?
3. comfy clothes. I don't get why anyone would wear uncomfortable clothes on vacation. I lived in shorts and tank tops all week.
4. knitting. For me, it's a relaxation thing. I'm a good enough knitter that I rarely have to look down now, even when it's lace or cables, just enough to stay on track... and this means my hands are busy while my mind is clear.
5. bathing suit. I'm not going on vacation unless I can swim. I *heart* my new Lands End tankinis. Plus size gals everywhere: they are cute, flattering and easy to manage for trips to the potty.
6. mp3 player. We don't usually go on vacation where it's not a road trip, so we need this to keep us singing along.
7. money. Cash money. There is nothing worse than getting back from vacation and getting the credit card bill. I take out the amount of cash I want to spend and work from there.
8. credit cards. Because sometimes it's better/easier to charge it... and if you are buying something you want to take home (expensive trinket, etc), you want the AMEX protection :)
9. cell phone w/ navigation and/or internet access. There is nothing like being in a strange town and saying "hmm... where's the closest Dunkin'?" This solves many problems.
10. maps. Because GPS takes you where you want to go, but maps can show you a whole new world. And, sometimes, where you want to go and where you need to be are two totally different places. :)


  1. I love your differentiation between the GPS and the maps. So many people I know rely on the GPS and I feel like they end up missing out unless they do preplanning/research first!

  2. I, too, love your #10!

  3. Great point about GPS and maps! The both are important.