Thursday, June 28, 2012


Is it really only Thursday? Seems like Friday. Or at least I wish it were. Friday I will be packing up and getting ready for our annual camping vacation to northern NH. I love this vacation more than words can say. We eat' we sleep, laugh, joke, drink, carry on, giggle, fish, hike and float. I read books, knit socks, laugh and gossip with a good girlfriend. We make sand castles with our niece, the Noodle, and teach her to get just that much braver in the water. 

This trip is bittersweet. A lot is going on "behind the scenes" at work and home, and well, we could have bad news either before or after we go. PC and I re ready for it and have been preparing, but nothing is set until its set, y'know? 

What do you pack when you go camping? Board games or cards? Knitting? Audiobooks? 

I will be blogging when I get back. Squeak in the comments if you are still reading... 


  1. Haven't been camping in years since moving to this wet climate, but we'd take our favourite family game - Catchphrase, although it gets a bit rowdy at times for a quiet campsite -)