Tuesday, June 26, 2012

IPad blogging?

This is certainly one for the record book, I think. I am blogging via a new iPad  app and hopefully it will make me a cuter, slimmer and all around, a better dancer. Wait. I'm an awesome dancer.

Really folks, it will hopefully just get me blogging more. 

My nook color took a nose dive on a business trip to Philadelphia, requiring me to reboot, reinstall and rethink my nook. Over and over. When PC suggested I just embrace my inner gadget loving girl...how could I resist? 

Enter my new 32gb, wifi only white new iPad. Petunia. She's fairly user friendly and we love playing mancala with her. She is going on the Mini y PC annual family camping trip next week. 
and maybe I will get off m' duff and blog while we are there. 

Hope you're still listening. 

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