Tuesday, May 15, 2012

ten on tuesday: the clean edition

Carole posted her "honey do" list for Dale today as a 10 on Tuesday. In our house, we don't really have a honey-do list, but there is a BUNCH of stuff around her that needs to get sorted. So, here's on the Spring To-Do list :
from this (not my stash--- some random photo from the internets)
to this. Also, not my room... but you get the idea. 

1. The yarn stash. Yup, time to "turn it over" and see what pops up.
2. Fix the yarn cabinet. I need Dan for this one... maybe I can get him to do it this weekend.
3. the sewing area. I need to go through stuff, toss fabrics I don't want and get creative with the storage of things.
4. Two closets in the back room. Time to toss out that which we are squirrelling away back there.
5. Bedroom: strip ,beds and clean off dressers. DUST. Move a lamp.
6. windows. Mine are filthy and it's starting to bug me.
7. Fridge and oven. I need to clean them both soon, but I hate cleaning the oven b/c it gets so darn hot.
8. the back room--- remove two chairs and clean a rug. There's a couch-fold out bed thing from Ikea I want to put in there.
9. new book cases for Dan--- we have a wobbly one and need a better one. I'm looking now for one with doors for him, to keep the dust out.
10. Get the veggie garden in out back. The raised bed needs to be weeded and the hanging baskets need to be set up. Oh, and I need to go get some plants.

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  1. That is great that you have it all written down! Now you can start with #1 and work your way down the list. Don't you think that much of the battle is just figuring out what needs to be done and putting it down on a list? Yep, I have a monster of a yarn stash that needs to be tackled, too!