Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Secret Pal

Ode to my Secret Pal...

Oh, Secret Pal, with your Post-Its so bright,
how do you know how to make my night?
Your inside knowledge of what will make me coo
was very obvious when I saw the red Bamboo!
Patterns for chokers and mini socks that block
are perfect gifts for someone who like to "rock a sock"
Pumpkin was shy, not wanting to appear a zealot
but she meowed "can we have the pattern for Carrot?"
Carrot, it seems, has met a nasty fate
Pumpkin overloved her--- she doesn't look great.
Tempted by chocolate mousse, she quietly waits
While Mini pets the Bamboo and contemplates.
So, if dear Pal, you have a good think
send the Carrot pattern along, quick as a wink.
Pumpkin has Luke, the fish, that you sent
but when Carrot's around, we don't know where he went!
Carrot is a friend that we carry and lick
PC can't even distract her with her other friend, Stick.

Photos of my SP package tomorrow, the camera died (again....anyone know a GOOD rechargeable battery?) and the batteries are a-chargin'.

Thanks for the great package!

:) Mini (&Pumpkin)....

Umm, I really do need to to make a second Carrot for her. She's holding the Fish hostage.


  1. What a lovely homage . . . I bet your secret pal is chuffed!

  2. Anonymous8:53 PM

    Aw, shucks. Glad you like it! I sent you the pattern for the "carrot". Thanks so much for the ode....you made my day!

  3. arent you talented... and I would love to see pics~!