Monday, July 31, 2006


It's amazing what a few bad days at work can do to you, isn't it? A short update: my work has always been out of control with new people, new titles, new everything and I am feeling a little overwhelmed. Add the heat and humidity that I hate so much--- cranky Mini. An upset belly sent me to bed early last night ( as Stephanie would say " i needed a lie down") and I got a chance to work on this:
I feel like I might need to explain what it is, but then again... no. Here's a photo of what it is going to be (in the photo, the white part is where I am putting the green and the red is where I am putting the white).
mom sweater
It's a DROPS design from Garnstudio... it'll be my first STEEK... can anyone help me??? it's for my mom for Xmas and I am really excited about the steeking, but I am going to need help!

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  1. You DID see Eunny's tutorial on steeks, right??