Thursday, August 03, 2006

Mini Needs Your HELP

So, last night, PC and I went to the movies... to see Lady in the Water. M.Knight Shyamalan is a director that I usually like (minus the Village... God, that was awful) and I did enjoy this movie. I think PC put it best last night when he said "I liked it, but I dont' know if I would recommend it."


That kinda says it all. There was a family in front of us with 2 pre-teen girls and at the end of the movie, one was laughing (we thought crying, then we figured it out). She thought the movie was absurd. Huh. It took me until I was in the shower this morning to figure it out: she didn't see the "fantasy" in the movie. So, I am asking all you out there: do you think there is a generation fast approaching adulthood that has lost the ability to IMAGINE? I think of my 16 year old cousin, who has her books on tape (doesn't need to imagine the teachers at Hogwarts voices), cable in the classroom ( don't imagine the French Revolution... we'll show it to you)... and I wonder... will we have a generation where CREATIVITY will be without IMAGINATION?

Moving on to my creativity (and, yes... I have a wild imagination... I enjoy reading books instead of audiobooks b/c I can "see" and "hear" the story myself, although I do see the draw to knit and "read" at the same time)...

I am 1/2 way through Pattern 1. I am really happy with my plan to reverse the coloring and make the Green the primary color and the white the accent color. I really like the colorwork.

Now, with Pattern 1, you start at different places for different sizes. The "middle" size (this is so not a REAL medium) for a women (dame) is 264 stitches all the way around. That's 132 for the front, 132 for the back. The pattern starts at an odd point... and the pattern asks you to "work Pattern 1, starting at appropriate arrow and work for FRONT. Stop, go back to appropriate arrow and work again for the BACK. stop at 2nd st marker." Huh. Well, you end up with this weird portion at the join:
Join for Front/Back

Join for start (back to front)

The overall pattern for Pattern 1:

I did the "smart thing" and charted it out in Excel and I think I see what I get... a little "mountain" at the joins. Does this make sense to anyone out there? Should Norweigan sweater patterns be continuous all the way AROUND the sweater? Or just for the FRONT and BACK? Help. I need help. I don't want to rip (this shows 2 hours of my life), but this is for my mom. :)

Pumpkin says "please help my mommy. She was playing with string and locked herself in the COLD room and wouldn't play with me... she was mumbling about a chart..."


  1. I would think consistent all the way around . . . but then, maybe it's charted so that the motif will be centered on both halves?

  2. My niece is insanely creative and imaginative. My sister does a lot to foster and encourage it, as do I when I can. I don't know about other kids, I guess time will tell.

  3. No, the generation has not lost it, I think parents have neglected it. My mother (of5) will not allow any more crazy "electronic" crap to be given to my sister (6). 1 because she doesn't play with it much and 2 because she loves making up games with a simple doll or two in her bedroom. The learning from TV, Video games etc is great, but my mom knows that encouraging free thinking will do more than watching a movie.
    PS Lady in the Water was an absolutely entertaining movie, but I could not recommend it to those without some sort of personality