Friday, August 25, 2006

ahh..the camera is back!

So, the camera is back in action (with good ole' alkaline batteries... i think my rechargeables have completely S**t the bed, so to speak... ).

Here's mom's sweater in progress, another 1/2 inch (one full repeat of 4 rows) and I will be adding steek stitches to the sides and then the "top" pattern. I am hoping to blow through the top pattern tomorrow night while PC watches pre-season football.
Not bad, huh? The side "seam" where each new round starts is a little wondy, but I think a good blocking will work that out. If not, I think it's only noticeable to me. I had it with me at SnB last night and I think it looked okay.

My Secret Pal struck again! Yesterday, I got home a little early (is eveyone on vacation? NO traffic!) and saw a note in the mailbox: you have a package. So, I call the PO and ask "is it there"? Not yet. Hmm... call back at 5:30 and they say we'll call you if it comes in. PO closes at 6, they called at 5:50. I made it to Newtonville PO with 1 minute to spare!

So, what'd I get?
1. coupons (this is very cool b/c my SP knows I am FRUGAL woman... )
2. yarn: it smells like lavender! (my favorite!) and it already has a destiny... it's going to be a scarf for me... like a drop stitch scarf. ;)
3. a book: Knitting on the Edge... I have been wanting one of her books forever... this is so great! I see two edgings I have been wanting to try and I love the photos... so pretty.
4. a pencil case (see next photo) for my dpns... what a great idea!
5. this one blew me away...a quilting tote. Yup, she sent me a quilting tote. with a pressing pad that can double as a blocking board. I won't lie, I almost cried. My SP has been the sweetest person ever... I have been so lucky in the last two swaps to have great SPs...
Thank you SP! You always seem to make each package "just right" each time. I want to thank you for going through all the trouble of getting to know me, and my cat. :)

But, I don't know who she is! SP... will you ever tell me who you are? SP is coming to an end.... and I completely clueless as to who you are! (I haven't been trying tooo hard to figure it out... I think that spoils it).



  1. Anonymous5:46 PM

    I'm so glad you liked everything. I was just thrilled when I found the quilter's tote...especially since you sew and quilt (and knit, there anything you DON'T do????

  2. Anonymous8:59 AM

    Your SP is spoiling you!! What great stuff she picked.
    I am knitting N a striped vest in the round and have been using this website to avoid the obvious jog where I change colors.
    There is still a little something off but not as glaring. I dont know if it would work with the all over lice you are doing.
    Speaking of which, the sweater looks wonderful! Your mother is going to love it.