Monday, August 07, 2006

Something Happened When I Moved in with PC...

I think I finally got my priorities straight. Does this make sense? My house is mess, but I have read several books. We eat healthier and I prefer to cook than go out for dinner. I worry about whether or not I have enough apples for PC's lunches than if I washed the windows. I had this feeling this weekend that I sorta finally feel like "me". Strange, no?

An example: I am notoriously early (20 minutes before the party starts-- in my car in front of your house? yeah, that's me. With the gift you told me not to bring.) and Saturday I was just all kinds of late. I left the house late. I picked up PC's mom late. I got to my friend S's house late. We got to the fair late. We left late. We ate late. And you know what? I didn't care.

No photos of the fair b/c well, I checked the camera before i left and the batteries were dead. I looked for the other batteries (how I got late to start with), but no luck. They are charging now.

I did knit some more... more photos this week.

Also, thanks for the white wine suggestions--- I am thinking of using a big crazy straw in the bottle to eliminate shaky hands while cutting steeks. :)

Oh, and PC and I celebrate our 4th anniversary (dating) this month and I got an early present... a gorgeous silver and opal ring (oh!! ) and an ornament for our tree this year ( our first tree!).

Christmas Knitting/Crafting List:
1. Norweigan ski sweater- mom
2. Cabled sweater- Dad
3. Golf club covers- both brothers
4. quilt--- friend returning overseas
5. scarf/glove set--- sister in law
6. PC's parents... hmm... tough one! will have to think about this some more!

:) Mini


  1. I hope you have a start on some of your Christmas projects; it sounds like there is a lot to do!

  2. Anonymous8:50 PM

    Wow! You're soooo ambitious! I hope your work schedule cooperates!


  3. Kelly Hamel11:05 PM

    You're just as ambitious and talented as I remember. :-) It's funny I was just thinking about you the other day (found a letter you wrote to me for my b'day a long time ago)and then found your blog. I would love to catch up sometime.

  4. Ah! you sound happy! it is easy to be excited over housey stuff when you aree happy.