Thursday, July 27, 2006

Sorry for the delay-- work interrupted life

This is the red bamboo that my SP sent... isn't it gorgeous? It's a real wine-blood-luscious-red.

My Knit Sock Kit Swap pal (Jeane-- blogless) sent me some gorgeous Crown Mountain Farm sock yarn! Isn't it pretty? I pet it every night before bed... :)

She also sent me a great felted bag... She included the extra yarn to make a handle (so I would have it be the length I wanted!)-- how sweet! This yarn is fantastic! It's like an Icelandic wool and it feels heavenly! She also included the Elenora sock pattern (one I really wanted!) and a nice note introducing herself. :) Thanks Jeane!

I got this sock pattern off the Posh Yarn website... it's a slipped stitch cable... what a great idea! This knit up so fast that I am past the gusset of the heel in just 2 days visiting with friends in Maine.

Speaking of Maine, we headed up to visit with friends this past weekend in Kennebunk (yup, right near the Bush compound) and the rain gave us plenty of time to knit/read/watch baseball. Our friends are starting a small business where they make and sell beaded necklaces and earrings. I'll see if I can get some photos of them and see if M might want to put some up for sale here. :) After we left our friends on Sunday, PC and I were off to Maine Open Farms! Sunday was a day where farms all over Maine opened up their barn doors to let people see what farm life is like. Where did we go? Sea Hill Alpaca Farm. The wool seen above is from 4 different alpacas and is their coat color. Each "skank" is 75yds-ish. It'll be a fair isle hat for moi. I have been knitting--- I will have more photos later. My SP spoilee got her present and she's happy! YAY! I am working on my KSKS bag this weekend (yarn and tools are already selected!)... so it'll be on the way next week I hope! I also have to shop for my Yarn Aboard II package... oh, the yarn!

:) Mini

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  1. Open Farm Sunday? What a fabulous idea!

    All that yarn looks so, so pretty....