Thursday, October 26, 2006

I really need to find that camera software, don't I? Well, I have no plans for Friday night, so ripping apart the closets might be in order (Pumpkin and PC, consider yourself warned). :)

So, what am I knitting? Well, that GORGEOUS Norweigan sweater I was making for my mom? It will get done, but not for Christmas. I did another row gauge check (I had done one after the ribbing and that's all) and it's WAY.TOO.BIG. for my mom. So, it will be for me! :) Thus, it will be put on hold for my post-Christmas holiday week.

On the needles:
1) hat for PC- learned how to make a hat from the top down (love you Danielle Miller!)
it's Baby Cashmerino in Black on US2... i'm almost to the ears. It was a commuter project, but I need to get some 16 inch or 20 inch US2 circs to finish it... it's too much for magic loop now.
2) socks for me. I had some Lisa Souza Sock! in the Sky Dreams colorway just lying around begging for a simple textured-lacy combo, so I cast on--- I am almost ready to do the heel flap on Sock #1 (this is the commuter project now)

3) Sienna Cardigan from Interweave Knits Fall 2006 -- in Cashmerino Aran (shopped the stash) in a buttery yellow color. for my mom. Back and one front is done. Hopefully a complete sweater by Sunday night!

4) Fountain Lace sweater for PC's mom... back is almost done...
5) Sand River (need a few more repeats)

1) the green mohair hat
2) two odessa hats (2 more planned)
3) scarves (2)
4) mittens (2)

So, what's up next? Finish up some more holiday knitting:
2 pair of Newfoundland Mittens from Maggistitches pattern.
1 more scarf
3 more hats
1 more BIG sweater project (thanksgiving weekend, I am hoping)

Lots of "stuff" going on besides knitting, so we'll see what I can accomplish.

:) Mini
PS_ I am going to SPA in Maine with NETA this February. Anyone else? Normally I would say " i'll share a room!" but I have been told in the past (by several people) that I am bad at that...I snore very loudly, take long showers... so, i am sucking it up and keeping my own room... but perhaps that means the party is in mine??? :)


  1. Don't you just love Lisa's sock yarn? It's all her fault I fell off my sock yarn diet :)

    I am going to NETA again this year with some local knitting buds. It is such a blast!

  2. Hey there! I can't find your email. Drop me a line and I'll mail you that issue of Interweave Knits winter '06. It has some pretty cute stuff-nothing grabs me at this moment though.