Thursday, January 03, 2008


Ahh, that time of year again. It's -4 degrees outside in Boston. It's going to be cold today. Mittens are needed!

My knitting guild is knitting and accepting knitted mittens (machine washable only) for kids at Boston Medical Center intake unit (for transfer to foster care, relatives, etc). If you live in the Boston area and are interested in dropping off (or mailing) a pair of mittens BY JANUARY 15th, please email me for directions/address/more info.

I am not extending any prizes or accepting any hats or anything like that. This is a quick, last minute kind of thing. Any and all mittens appreciated.

Onto the Resolutions, but first the accomplishments of 2007:
1) I stayed smoke-free for 1 year on March 3, 2007. As someone who chain-smoked for 14 years, this amazes me.
2) I made a sweater for PC's mom and it fit!
3) I collected over 1700 hats for kids in Boston
4) PC and I celebrated 5 wonderful years together
5) I knit 3 pair of socks, 9 pair of mittens, 8 hats, 2 baby sweaters, 1 adult sweater.

In 2008,
1) I will work out more and be more "on-point" with Weight Watchers.
2) I will knit myself a sweater. Maybe two.
3) I will learn intarsia
4) I will be more charitable
5) I will be more fiscally responsible. PC and I are getting there. We started contributing more to our 401ks and savings.
6) this leads to.... yup. Yarn diet. I am going to knit from my stash unless it's baby or gift knitting. My good friend is pregnant with her first and long-awaited child. this kid needs handknits.
7) I will knit 10 pairs of socks for me this year. :)

There are some others, but they are not for here.

See you tomorrow!

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