Thursday, January 10, 2008

Feeling Thin

In so many ways, I am feeling thin. Pants that were just a smidge tight on my DC trip are comfy. Total holiday poundage: -1lb. Amazing, huh? I think stress burns calories. I need to hit the gym tonight. Jinann and I are keeping each other motivated with our yarn and food diets. She's a fellow Norweigan-American.

Thin feelings: unloaded a bunch of my yarn last night at a yarn swap and brought home some new yarn.... yarn that I will use. I am not opposed to trading at all. I got some really cool 100% superwash in a gray that might be nice for a sweater. And some merino. Oh, and some cotton for baby washcloths for M's baby-on-the-way. Yes, yes... this kid's not even going to have commercially made washcloths on it's wee bottom. :)

Thin feelings: time. Before the holidays, I worked 7-4pm, went home (or to the gym, but usually home), made dinner, cleaned up a bit and hung out with PC. Now, I am running to knitting, guild meetings, away for weekends (one weekend in Feb for a visit with a friend in NC, weekend retreat for the guild) and every other thing i have to do. Oh, did I mention I applied to graduate school? Yup. At night. Ugh. And, in April, tennis lessons start again, and seriously, I am taking tennis lessons again.

I just feel so impossibly spread thin. And, the laundry's piling up, the house needs a good cleaning and I need a nap. I am getting home at 9:30-10pm and going to bed at midnight... and waking up at 5;45am.

On a positive note, PC and I are way more social this year than we ever have been before! More entertaining, more being entertained, more "doing stuff", but (are you reading this honey?)--- I need some quiet time on the couch with PC. I need a day of going into town and a long lunch and ... hell, let's do this on Saturday, huh? then come home and watch the football game.

SPA: Ok, I was going to stay over in Maine this year, but there is not a hotel room to be found under $140 a night and well, with being a maid-of-honor (twice!) this year, a trip to Disney on the horizon (PC"s parents rock!), and a move and a potential new-car purchase... that's getting a little rich. Did I mention grad school?? A day trip will have to be my option. One of the women in my guild that I like very much (hi Andi!) suggested a day trip and I offered to buy lunch--- I think we have a plan! So, as much as I love Mexican food with Carole, I am sure it's not the last chance i'll get. Next year, better planning and early hotel booking. :)

And... this made me giggle for hours yesterday:

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