Sunday, May 10, 2009

Movin' On...

Well, better things must be in our future... thanks for the commiseration with us. Being told that you're "not the right people for the apartment" brings up a few emotions: anger, disappointment, confusion, and feeling diminutive. I think what I struggle is this: we're good people who have been trying hard. We don't have great furniture, I do the best I can do with the apartment I have, and well, if that's not good enough, than what is? PC and I have decided to leave it alone and just simply move on. But it's hard. You wonder "what was is about US that makes us wrong for this place?" and then you wake up at 2am and realize: it's her, not us. She's the one with the problem.

Karma will kick her in the ass or at least down a flight of stairs one of these days.

How's about some knitting?

Pattern: Baby Blanket ( my own)
Yarn : Shetland Chunky (blue and brown- 3 skeins of each)
Needles: US 10

Notes: I knit this for a friend who's expecting baby #2... well, now. She's due right around now and she's a woman who really appreciates the handknits! And since baby #2 is a boy... blue and brown are so chic and so fun... it was a match made in heaven . Or Pottery Barn. :) Simple pattern: Cast on 22 stitches, knit 36 rows of garter, change colors, rinse and repeat. Make 5 strips of 5 "blocks" and stitch together. I did a simple crocheted edging.

Meet Abby. Abby was named by her new "mommy", the big sister of the baby-on-the-way. I think it's hard for 2-3 year olds to understand the whole new baby thing, so a new toy might help ease the pain of the baby getting a lot of attention. She's a great little girl who loves loves dolls... so this is perfect. I used the same pattern from Twist as my ladybug for Noodle. I made the dress separate so she can practice "dressing her babies". And, for her birthday, a few teddy bear/ Cabbage Patch kid sweaters are needed and some new clothes for the Abby doll. I am thinking more dresses (at least two), pants, tops and of course, undies for the potty training. :)

I am so happy at her face.... she looks so happy, playful and not at all scary. :) I'm addicted to making these dolls. I have one more to make: a bee for Noodle's first birthday (in 5 short weeks!!!)

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