Monday, June 01, 2009

Movin' on Up!

We're here. The new apartment is very cute and will shape up nicely... in a few days. Last night, we tackled the last room that we had yet to access (we haven't unpacked it, just accessed it): the office/craft room. And I found the high speed router. All is well again.

A quick story. We got this apartment the same day that Landlady McWeirdo came by to announce us "unfit for Middlesex Rd, Watertown". I had called a realtor (CRG Realty in Newton- ask for Kathy Iovieno) and told her our story. Well, she asked me 10 questions and then said "I'll call you back." Well, having heard that before, I was surprised when she called me back! The address she gave and time to see the apartment fit into our schedule. And the address? Well, the traffic was bad in front of our old apartment that day, so we walked to the listing. Walked. 984 feet.

The apartment is great. I orginally thought it might be too small... but the kitchen? To.die.for. Travertine tiles and stainless steel appliances. A large ceiling fan. Built in microwave. And spacious. 2 BR and attached living room and dining room ( archway in between) make it nice for socializing. :)

The furniture fits well (minus PC's recliner, which has been moved to a reading nook in the office-- maybe he'll work through the stack of books he's got) and the place looks good. The upstairs neighbor is the landlord's daughter and granddaughter and are super nice. Landlord is great too-- he was here all weekend, installing blinds and helping us out. Oh, and my fridge broke (wah!) so he's replacing it with a new one-- also matching stainless steel.

And, before the saga of the move, an apology to PC. I found yarn in every single room of our old apartment. I'm sorry. I never knew I turned our apartment in my yarn storage. I love you and I am sorry.

Moving. If you are in Metro Boston and need a mover, I am openly recommending Benny's Moving in Watertown, MA. They showed up EARLY and ready to move. Diego, the foreman, was great and they really moved stuff fast! We only had one victim: my kitchen island... but I think it was ready to break before they took the wheels off. Sylvie and Amy... I couldn't have done this without you! Both of my friends showed up (Sylvie the a.m. shift, and Amy after lunch) and really helped me get settled in. Sylvie kept the movers moving, assembled furniture, and expertly placed my dining room rug. Amy is the queen of the kitchen drawer liners... she lined every cabinet and drawer in the apartment. :)

Our parents (both sets) came by on Friday to drop off pizza (mine) and Pumpkin (PC's).

I will do a photo tour soon... once I can find the camera. :)

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