Tuesday, February 16, 2010

rare photo post.

On Saturday, I got to meet up with someone quite cool, Jacquie! She and I were Valentine's Day Swap buddies on Ravelry... y'know where you send each other a package with V-Day stuff inside? Well, that wasn't quite good enough for us. Jacquie lives in NY (in a former B&B, I'm trying to convince her to host some knitting events!) and used to live up here. So, we made a date to have lunch while she was here. A few hours at Aquitaine at Legacy Place and voila! Instant friendship! My package included 8 balls of orange wool yarn, a skein of hand spun (that's already been wound--- waiting to be a cowl post-Olympics), candy, pattern book for purses, 2 original Jacquie patterns and some really cute other things.

(rare Mini-in-the-wild photo)

This is the Mini-Mom. She's sporting a new cowl on Sunday (in my kitchen) that she loves. Mom uses O2 and the cowl is better than scarves for not getting wrapped up in the tubing. Note to self: mom loves cowls. Wants more cowls. Isn't she beautiful? I look a lot like my mom.... especially when I smile. Our eyes crinkle.

No Olympic updates except Curling starts tonight. There's a curling broom in my kitchen, so you can bet we'll be watching. Am 90 % through the yoke of the Feb Lady-and am remembering how much I love garter stitch (not at all).

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