Tuesday, February 09, 2010

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity, nay, the privilege of joining my fellow MetroWest Knitters at Whispering Pines conference center at URI for a long, luxurious weekend of knitting, eating, laughing, singing, and laughing. Did I mention the laughing?
Our annual retreat "sleepover" is always a success, but this year we had a special treat at the end: a trip to Unwind in East Greenwich, RI. Holy.smokes. Now, this is quite the LYS! Jeanne (the owner) opened up Just For Us on a Sunday and was so great about hosting the 20+ knitters who descended upon her store like a bunch of crazy women who've never seen yarn before. I'm sure Jeanne did 'well' for keeping the shop open, but we loved just having us in the shop. It was personal. The employees were great. So great in fact, there might be more surprises next year. :)
My mom flat out asked me for a cowl. Now, this is not something I thought she'd want. Mom wears oxygen and her tubing would get stuck under the cow l (I thought), but no, she likes mine and tried it on. And, of course, it must match her jacket. Her purple ski jacket I bought her a few years ago. I have a weekend to myself coming up (PC's got a curling tournament)... perhaps some coordinating mittens are in order.
And finally, the Steggy. JR's (my nephew is a JR) birthday party went swimmingly. Auntie Mini spoiled him rotten with several outfits, new sneakers, books and a handknit sweater (he got lots of toys for Christmas, the month before). My bro and SIL loved the sweater and I have been promised one of JR in it. I'll post it if I can crop the face out--- I don't put photos of kids online, unless they are mine. :)
I got home from a work trip to San Francisco where I sealed my realization that I am meant to do this job. And i love it. I'm amazed at how natural it feels and how much I am enjoying the work. But, I only had limited knitting time as I was exhausted by 8pm each night. I had cast on for some Monkey socks,using Paton's Croy Sock yarn that I had in the stash. It's "meh" but a coworker who watched me knit on them fell.in.love. And she's the resident no-shoes person at the office, so it's very fitting that she desire hand knit socks. So, they will go live with her. Once I finish sock #2.

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