Friday, January 29, 2010

Still No Photo

Grrr.. this week has been busy. I feel like I am running in place all the time. I'm knitting Steggy from Knitty (almost done-- 3 more inches on the hood, put in zipper and make spikes for hood): it is 'due' tomorrow at a birthday party. I don't want to be putting the zipper in, in the car, if you know what I mean.

On top of this, I started a new quilt class and we are working on Yellow Brick Road. A great pattern, I chose great fabrics, but I am running around so much, I have not had time to sit and quilt. And, I really want to quilt.

My mom requested a cowl a few weeks back. I should whip that up this weekend. And line her bag from Mother's Day. Yup. Mother's Day 2009. Gah- what a crappy daughter I am, right?

And finally, we have PC... who's had a cold this week. A bad cold. And when one of us is sick, the house just falls to pieces. I have to clean tomorrow or Sunday before I leave for San Francisco next week... coming home to a dirty house might just kill me.

Did I mention I am going to San Francisco? Yup-- Tuesday to Friday (red eye home Friday night). If you are there (at the conference), look for me...I'll be one of the ones with a walkie-talkie. I love my new job and I am excited to travel, but I am just so damn tired this week, I am not ready to go just yet. And, yes, I've already called Imagiknit to see if they'll be open Friday night. :)

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