Friday, January 08, 2010


There are two kinds of gifts; the 'gifts' that you have (talents, abilities, innate qualities) and the gifts you get. This post is about both.

Gift that I have.
Knitting is a gift. Not everyone can do it, despite what knitters think when they convince a friend to 'just try it'. No, it's a talent. An ability to look at string and sticks and say, hmm... that'd be a great sweater. Mitten. Sock. Quilters do the same thing with fabric. I can't say that I have the 'eye' of a quilter yet, but I am determined to try to get there.

After my quilt class in the fall, I decided to tackle a simple charm-square quilt. Easy, right? Mostly 5 inch charm squares, with a couple of 1/2 triangles thrown in for 'tree-ness'. The inspiration was two-fold. One, I had seen a wall hanging online for this, but it has the tree on a white background and it's 1 1/2 inch squares (read: tiny). Two, on rt 225 in Lincoln, MA... on the way to Westford, there is a tree. It in a field and it gets decorated for Christmas. All by it's lonesome, out there, proudly holding up it's fairy lights. I love that tree. That tree says Christmas to me. I think of that tree and think serenity and peace. And,'s in my living room.

Final quilt: 58" x 62"

Gifts you get.
PC, hands-down, wins the award for best non-knitting boyfriend ever. He googled "rare exotic yarn" and found quiviot. Yup. Quiviot. And then he bought it. On Christmas Eve, I opened up a small gift bag and found 218 yds of the most perfect fall of yarn on the planet. It's a golden yellow that reminds me of late autumn... and I have enough to make a delicate lace cowl. With beads. :)

A true gifts is a boyfriend who gets it. I mean, really gets it.
Another gift that I should mention is Pumpkin. She's quite the gift all right. It took 30 tries to get the quilt photo b/c she was on it, under it, trying to get under it, attacking the camera, trying to trip me, and finally....the quiviot shots? She tried to attack the camera strap while i was taking photos.

Not all gifts are well behaved. :)

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