Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Go Scott Go!

Well, history has been made in Massachusetts. Even if you were/are a Coakley supporter and staunch Democrat, you have to admit this was a special election for the record books. As a non-Democrat (I'm not comfortable with Republican and I am too conservative to say Independent), I was watching the election these past few weeks with increased interest.

No, I didn't like the attack ads. Yes, I think both sides are far from innocent when it comes to this... but watching the "shoe-in" candidate scramble at the last minute reminded me of the complacency of Massachusetts politicians. Of all American politicians. It made me think of Canada. Now, I am not a fan of their nationalized healthcare, but I do like the idea that they can boot out a politician if they decide mid-term that they aren't doing their jobs.

Today is a day of change. Real change. Like the very liberal President wants: Change. Perhaps this is a case of "be careful what you wish for, Mr. Obama?"

But, beyond politics... what unites me to you: knitting. I'm knitty Steggy from Julia Farwell-Clay... and I'm on the sleeves. Oh, the sleeves. I'll try to pop up a photo tomorrow, but I have to say: intarsia is not my friend, but once you get going... it's not so bad. Remind me of this later this week when I am on the hood. :)

Please: play nice in the comments.... I rarely discuss politics on here b/c I am a Yankee through and through: keep your religion, politics and hands to yourself. :)

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